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He tells us that Education only can direct a child towards the right path which can lead him to that world where he/she can develop his/her personality as a true human being. Education doesn't mean only bookish knowledge but much more than that. It enables the child to monitor his/her own understanding and learning needs. It provides him an atmosphere for all round development. It creates those abilities, which help him/her to promote positive behavior to deal with challenges of everyday life.

This is only the goal of Garden Valley International schools to strengthen their students internally by developing their skills. I am feeling very glad by serving my students in such a nice school .This unique institution provides right platform for students to highlight their talents and also a source of encouragement for newly born artists ,writers ,poets ,players and philosophers.School allows them to pour out their hidden talents in each filed . No doubt, our students are moving ahead with great dynamism propelled by their hard work and talent. It is also the result of tireless efforts of management, friendly and healthy atmosphere of our schools, role of modern technology used in classrooms and modern teaching-learning techniques used by teachers.

May God bless all our scholars to grow beyond the stars and brighten this world with the rays of wisdom and humility.

 Guru Nanak says "vidiya vichari tan paropkari"


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It is our mission to facilitate the development of global citizens, who have faith that the path of Read More

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To impart a broad and balanced education ,helping the child to understand life and its practical implementation Read More

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Keeping pace with the changing times, Information Technology education is given priority and both teachers and students are exposed to computer education.
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